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APV Grass Sowing & Reseeding

APV PS 300 M1

APV Grass Sowing & Reseeding
Accurate and wind-indpendent seed dispersion for high effciency and better success!

  • Distribution of grass seeds, clover and similar granulates
  • Dispersal of intercrops, over-sowing, or reseeding
  • For wide machines the use of a hydraulic fan or a PTO driven fan is recommended

APV Grass Sowing & Reseeding
Working width:
  • 1 - 6 m with double electric fan, 8 outlets
  • 1 - 7 m with hydraulic fan, 8 outlets
  • 1 - 12 m with hydraulic fan, 16 outlets (with Y-distributors)

H 110 cm, W 77 cm, D 100 cm

Seed tank
Plastic tank with 300 litre capacity

Net weight electr./hydr.
70 kg / 93 kg

Power data
12 V / 25 A

Thanks to its electrically driven sowing shaft, which continuously regulates the seed flow, it is possible to apply exactly the quantity required of any seed und to adjust this while driving.

The electric control module allows the sowing process to be
convenintly monitored and controlled from the driver‘s seat.

  • Cable extension PS MX 5 m
  • Upper linkage bracket PS 120-500
  • Set of adapter cables for tractors 8 m
  • Conversion kit fill level sensor (only with control box 5.2)