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Round Pack 1250

Krone Round Pack 1250 Baler supplied by Donegal Tractors, Letterkenny, Ireland
Trouble-free operation and absolutely easy use and service are the key features of the latest KRONE range of round balers.

Baling 1.25 m (4' 1'') and 1.55 m (5' 1'') diameter bales, our new Round Pack models feature a modular construction concept and the optional MultiCut rotor cutters for all models as well as tandem axles. On top of this, the models offer superior ease of operation along with many more features.

Naturally, they hold on to the well-proven KRONE slat-and-chain elevators with 2 endless chains a design that has proven exceptionally well over so many years and offers such undisputable assets as uniform, dense and well-shaped bales.

During bale formation the bale just never stops, even when baling short-haulmed and dry crops. Further assets include minimised fragmentation and reduced dust emission as well as a lower input requirement.

Take advantage of the new fixed chamber round baler Comprima F 125. These machines feature the effective and cam trackless Pick-Up unit, the high-density NovoGrip baling system, A straightforward design as well as high durability and ease of maintenance all assets that will pay off fast.

Comprima F155 - F155XC

Krone Comprima F155 - F155XC Round Baler supplied by Donegal Tractors, Letterkenny, Ireland
Comprima F 155 and F 155 XC with semi-variable bale chamber are the first round balers that operate on the fixed chamber principle whilst producing bales of variable diameters that range from 1.25 m to 1.50 m. Combining the functions of both fixed and variable chambers, the semi-variable chamber is a unique system on the world market.

Relying on the new NovoGrip system, the design combines quiet running with high baling pressure. Comprima F155 XC features the X-Cut rotor cutter with up to 26 knives.

Comprima CF155 XC

Krone Comprima CF155 XC baler wrapper combination that features a semi-variable fixed bale chamber  supplied by Donegal Tractors, Letterkenny, Ireland
Comprima CF 155 XC is a world first. It is the world's first and only baler wrapper combination that features a semi-variable fixed bale chamber. This bales and wraps round bales of 1.25 m to 1.50 m diameters. Built to a short and compact design, the machine boasts the all-new NovoGrip system and a standard tandem axle.

Comprima V150 - V150XC - V180 - V180XC

Krone Comprima V150 - V150XC - V180 - V180XC Baler supplied by Donegal Tractors, Letterkenny, Ireland
The machinery of choice, if you are looking for high throughputs and high densities. These round balers not only deliver high density bales, high quality of work and high level of standard specification but also boast a host of innovative features, such as the double-swing guidance for the two elevators. The system comprises a double swing, the uncontrolled EasyFlow Pick-Up and the optional X-Cut cutter with hydraulic knife floor.

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