Two Rotory TC640/680/760/880
Centre Delivery Rakes

  • KRONE-Jet-Effect
  • Cardanic rotor suspension
  • Fluid grease filled rotor drive gearboxes
  • Enclosed rotor housings: completely maintenance-free


  • 11.0m (36′ 1”) to 13.5m (44′ 4”) working width
  • Provides optimum swath presentation for high-output harvesters
  • Makes the most of available harvest time
  • Saves labour, machines and tractors.
  • Rugged and wide frame
  • Dual air brake ensures safe and swift road travel (40km/h)
  • Hydraulic work and swath width adjustment
  • Cardan suspension provides optimum ground adaptation
  • Depth adjustment by electric servomotors
  • Liquid grease lubricated bevel gearboxes
  • No grease points on rotors
  • 13 tine arms per rotor comprise 4 double-tines each
  • The KRONE Jet Effect ensures the tines do not damage the soil as the rotors lift and lower
  • Control box offers maximum operator comfort on nearly all functions
Krone Rotary Rakes:
Grease nipples on the gearbox, the cam-track, or on the tine arms? No thank you! KRONE rotary rakes not only provide an optimum of performance, but of course, also where maintenance is concerned, the cam-track, cam follower rollers and the tine arm bearings all operate in a enclosed housing and require no maintenance. The Dura-Max special hardened cam-track, the large cam follower rollers, the extra strong tubular tine arms and their bearings in aluminum housings are built to withstand the highest of forces in heavy forage and thus increase profitability.
the cam-track, double hardened and impact resistant strength, is made from Bainite-hardened cast iron to ensure a high abrasion resistance while being completely maintenance-free. This cam-track comes with a three-year warranty.
For perfect swathing:
the control of the tine arms is performed via large dimensioned, sealed for life cam follower rollers. The contour of the cam track stands for smooth performance and exemplary formed box-
shaped windrows.

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