With our broad range you’re guaranteed to find the baling implements to suit your business and best way of working.

  • Implements have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders
  • Different implements in size and application to satisfy all requirements
  • Highest quality steel, bearing, rams etc used throughout


The new Topgrip proposes a unique way of handling round or square bales. The Arm extends over the bale and clamps the bale towards the back frame to pull the bale away from the stack. This is a unique action that is perfect for the customer who re-handles wrapped square or round bales that are stacked closely together. The Arm negotiates with the bale for the best way to the back of the bale with the weight of the arm instead of hydraulic force. This prevents any damage to the back of the bale. The arm is rounded without welding to reduce any sharp parts that could rip plastic.

Weight 251 kg


The MultiBale Handler is designed to be able to lift many different bales and at the same time support the bale. The frame uses 100x100mm wide box section to support the tines. The upper 3 tines are Conus 2 tines at a length of 1100 mm and the bottom tines are Conus 1 and 810 mm long. The reason to have small tines on the lower bar is to support the bottom bale whilst the larger tines support most of the bale in the middle of the bale. This prevents damage to the wrapping of the bale.

Tines Conus 1 4
Tines Conus 2 3
Width, cm 220
Height, cm 177 – 227
Weight, kg 210 kg


Storing bales upright on top of each other reduces the risk of air and moisture entering the bales. The Flexigrip arms are mounted on heavy duty hinges that have replaceable bushings. You can lock either the left or the right implement arm, but there is still some movement and this makes it possible to stack bales tightly without damaging the plastic wrapping round the bale.

The implement arms are also designed in such a way that it is easy to reverse away from the bale and this is an advantage when bales have to be stacked tightly. The uniquely curved and rounded shapes as well as the 90 mm tubes contribute greatly to the very careful handling of both lying and standing bales. Of special note are the long, curved tubes, formed out of one piece, without any sharp edges or welded joints. The upper extension to the tube is a special feature for Ålö and it gives improved support when handling lying bales cutting edge.

For bale sizes, min-max, cm 120-160 150-200
Weight, kg 262 287


Quadrogrip, probably the best implement on the market for handling of round and square bales. The implement arms are mounted on 350 mm wide, extremely stable sliding plates, which move along the main frame. You can lock either the left or the right arm and this will help when stacking. The sliding runners are serviceable and manufactured in high-quality polyethylene and do not require lubrication. The sliding surfaces are vertical to stop the dirt from sticking. The result is reduced friction, silent movements, minimal wear and longer service life.

Total width, cm 235
Bale size, cm 60-200
Arm length, cm 130
Weight, kg 433

RSB 1200

The RSB 1200 is a bale grab that can be used to grab up to 2 round bales or up to 3 square bales depending on the weight.

The side arms have synchronized movement for optimum bale grabbing. The bale is squeezed from both sides and therefore prevents tearing of net or damage to string.

The bottom tines support bales while traveling along uneven ground.

Hooks are bolted to the implement that create flexibility for the end user, changing between hook types becomes cheaper and easier.

No. Curved Tines 8
No. Straight Tines 2
Weight, kg 450


Beside our large Original Implement sortiment we also offer you a big selection of Attachment Systems for different Tool Carriers for Front loaders. Telehandlers and Wheeled loaders.


ikon-selectofix SELECTO FIX*

Save time and avoid problems.
Selecto fix is a great option if you are regularly coupling and uncoupling hydraulic implements. With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics are coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurized. Your work is resumed within seconds. This system also greatly reduces the risk of dirt entering the hydraulic system.


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