Bale Implements

With our broad range you’re guaranteed to find the baling implements to suit your business and best way of working.

  • Implements have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders
  • Different implements in size and application to satisfy all requirements
  • Highest quality steel, bearing, rams etc used throughout


Quadrogrip is the best implement on the market for handling wrapped square and round bales. The implement arms are seated on 350 mm wide, extremely stable sliding plates, which move along the main frame. When stacking, it is possible to lock either the right or left arm, which makes for easier work.

The sliding rails are replaceable and made of high-quality polyethylene, which does not require lubrication. This results in reduced friction, almost silent arm movements, minimal wear and a long service life.

Quadrogrip 200
Total width 235 cm
For bale size, min – max 60 – 200 cm
Arm length 130 cm
Weight 418 kg


The implement arms are housed in powerful hinged points with replaceable bushings. Both the right or left arm can be locked independently, but there is still some mobility, making it possible to stack the bales tightly without damaging the plastic. In addition, the implement arms are designed so that it is easy to reverse out from the bale, and this is also an advantage when the bales are to be stacked tightly.

The uniquely curved, rounded shape together with the 90 mm thick tubes contribute greatly to the very careful handling of both vertical and horizontal bales. Note in particular the long, curved tubes, curved in one piece with no sharp edges or welded joints. The upper tube extension is a Quicke specialty that provides significantly better support when the bales are handled horizontally.

Flexigrip 160 200
For bale size, min – max 120-160 cm 150-200 cm
Weight 262 kg 287 kg


The Quicke Flexibal, often replicated, never equaled. This implement is by far the most popular way of handling round bales with thousands of them across Ireland.

For 2016 the 125 mm thick, rotating steel tubes have been reduced 89mm to allow bales to be more easily stacked. The tubes are mounted on two powerful stone fork tines which are hydraulically adjustable sideways. When the bale is handled, the steel tubes roll carefully in under the bale. The tubes’ generous length and diameter distribute the pressure evenly over the bale. When straw or hay bales are to be transported, the steel tubes can be dismantled quickly and easily.

With the tubes removed, Flexibal can also be used for pallet handling (max. 1,000 kg). As an option, Flexibal can be equipped with an adjustable bale support that is installed on the back of the implement. This provides the potential to either handle larger bales or to stack bales on their ends.

Weight 195 Kg
Bale size max. 180 cm
Bale support weight 45 Kg


The new Topgrip, known as Elephant Trunk in Ireland, proposes a unique way of handling round or square bales. The arm extends over the bale and clamps the bale towards the back frame to pull the bale away from the stack. This is a unique action that is perfect for the customer who re-handles wrapped square or round bales that are stacked closely together. The arm lifts the bale using the bale’s weight instead of extreme hydraulic force to prevent any damage to the back of the bale. The arm is rounded without welding to reduce any sharp edges that could rip plastic.

Max Closed 75 – 103 cm
Weight 251 kg


Unigrip has a tried and tested design with a low net weight. It carries out the same tasks as Flexigrip. The choice between these two implements depends on individual preference and work routine. Unigrip is also well suited for smaller square bales (80 x 80 – 130-160 cm). The implement arms distribute the pressure evenly over a large area, and this ensures careful handling of bales.

Large diameter tubes are at the core of the Unigrip which aids in ease of bale handling and no sharp edges ensure bale damage is avoided.

Unigrip 130 160
For bale sizes, min. max. 90-130 cm 120-160 cm
Weight 200 kg 240 kg


The bale spike is particularly well suited to handling round bales. The longer tine ensures safe transport of the bale. The shorter tine prevents the bale from wobbling and rotating during stacking.

Bale Spike
Weight 60 Kg
Width 115 cm
Tine length 125 cm


The Square Bale Fork’s folding box section is a new and valuable safety detail. Firstly you can lock the tines in the upright position, increasing safety during transport, particularly on public roads. Secondly you get more efficient and safer handling. When unloading, the bales are pushed into place by the main frame. If unloading takes place at full height, the top bale is pushed into place with the aid of the upper section of the implement, without the long tines being pressed down into the bales. As a result, there is no risk of the bales falling back when you reverse.

Square Bale Fork – Safety 140 190
Weight 133 kg 168 kg
Width 140 cm 190 cm
Number of tines, standard 2 5
Tine length 125 cm 125 cm


Until now, splitting bales has entailed hard work or considerable expense. If you have a loader with dual-action lifting cylinders, you can solve the problem thanks to Silosplit.

Silosplit can both transport and split bales. When you have placed the bale where it is to be split, you place the blade across the top of the bale and press down. Both straw and silage bales fall apart in two pieces, simply and smoothly without complicated extra hydraulics. It is then easy to handle the material. Silosplit is supplied with an easy-to-use blade guard to provide protection from the sharp cutting edge. Silosplit is a patented Quicke Original implement design.

Silosplit HD
Weight 110 kg
Width 120 cm
Length 170 cm


The Square Bale Fork is a simple, robust implement for both round and square bales. The tines in the box section can be installed with a separation of 80 or 130 cm. As an optional extra, the fork can be supplied with a U-shaped vertical rear extension, which helps to support the top bale.

Square Bale Fork – Standard
Weight 78 kg
Width 140 cm
Number of tines, standard 2
Tine length 82 cm or 125 cm
Weight 42 kg

Your Choice Implements Hooks

Quicke does not only give you the largest range of implements. Our implements also have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders.



Implement hooks suitable for Quicke series Q, Trima with W-frame and other loader brands with Euro implement carriers.



Suitable for Quicke Combi mount, Trima/Bergsjö with SMS- mount, Kellve/Vreten/Howard and any loader with SMS implement carrier.


C: ÅLö TypE 3

Suitable for wholly hydraulic loaders previous to Quicke Series Q. Some implements will also fit loaders with the large and the small implement carrier from BM.

ikon-selectofix SELECTO FIX*

Save time and avoid problems.
Selecto fix is a great option if you are regularly coupling and uncoupling hydraulic implements. With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics are coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurized. Your work is resumed within seconds. This system also greatly reduces the risk of dirt entering the hydraulic system.


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