We have a bucket to suit all needs! From light weight smaller units to buckets suitable for tele-handlers, they are all produced with Swedish steel and Swedish design.

  • Implements have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders
  • Different implements in size and application to satisfy all requirements
  • Highest quality steel, bearing, rams etc used throughout

Maximize your loader, and choose your implement

We’ve the finest collection of Alo Implements here at Farmhand.ie. Choose your implement below, and maximize the use of your loader.

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Once again, Quicke shows their renowned ability for innovation. This multi-purpose bucket gives you unbeatable versatility and can switch freely between:

• Load and carry like a normal bucket.
• Bottom emptying, with improved emptying height
• Open bucket and excavate using blade
• Grab
• Sanding and gravelling via bottom opening

This makes the Multi-Purpose Bucket welcome news for professional farmers, local authorities and others who require efficient tools with maximum flexibility.

All models are available with Euro or Skid Steer hooks. Both the bottom and back of the bucket are made in a box design, which gives it a torsionally rigid and robust construction. The bucket has three hardened cutting edges: one at the leading edge of the bucket, one at the back edge and one in the digger blade’s lower section. The sides have additional strengthening in the lower section where there is maximum wear. They are also fitted with toothed interiors for maximum grip. If you want to get the highest possible work capacity from your bucket, then the Multi-Purpose Bucket is the obvious choice.

Multi Purpose Bucket 160MP /MPT 185MP /MPT 210MP /MPT
Volume (heaped) 0.48 m³ 0.56 m³ 0.66 m³
Width 160 cm 185 cm 210 cm
Depth 70 /76 cm 70 /76 cm 70 /76 cm
Height 69 cm 69 cm 69 cm
Cutting edge WxT 150 /16 mm 150 /16 mm 150 /16 mm
Weight 367 /373 kg 401 /407 kg 434 /441 kg


With our new Snow Clearing bucket 230SC PRO, you can clear snow-covered areas much more effectively, meaning your tractor can be used for professional snow clearing/ploughing jobs.

The fully extendable flaps folding to 90 degrees turn the bucket into a full 365 cm-wide snow blade, with an effective ice-cutting edge also available as an option. When you angle the flaps forwards, you can direct the snow into the bucket when you’re next to walls or similar, in the most effective manner possible.

The hydraulics are adapted for our unique LCS control system with its 3rd and 4th functions. Visibility grille and accumulators for shock impact are included as standard. The cutting edges on the flaps have springs, which means that the bucket can be tilted forwards without having to take pressure off the flaps. Make your tractor even more versatile and useful during the winter – choose our new Snow clearing bucket 230SC PRO!

Snow Clearing Bucket 230SC PRO
Height 102 cm
Height inside 98 cm
Depth min 118 cm
Depth max 175 cm
Depth inside 109 cm
Width min 230 cm
Width max 365 cm
Flap movement 148°
Flap height 61 cm
Flap width 69 cm
Capacity struck* 1.14 m3
Capacity heaped* 1.41 m3
Weight cpl *
Volumes according to ISO 7546
605 kg


Precision Buckets are designed for greater control of the emptying of material from the bucket. The long bottom part of the bucket creates friction that slows the emptying and that gives the operator much more precision. There are two versions offered; straight bucket with parallel side gables and a conical bucket that has a narrower front for even greater precision. Both version benefit from Ålö’s notorious conical bucket back for a clean and complete emptying of material.

A Front Loaders version available with Euro or SMS hooks has a depth of 2 meters which greater suits capacity for most front end without overloading the capacity.

A wheel loader version is available with Big BM hooks with a depth of 2.5 meters and has much higher capacity to maximise the capability of larger wheel loaders.

Precision Bucket 200PC 200PS 250PC 250PS
Width 54 cm 116 cm 87 cm 116 cm
Depth 209 cm 209 cm 269ocm 269ocm
Height 71 cm 71 cm 93 cm 93 cm
Capacity (struck) 0.71 m³ 0.87 m³ 1.40 m³ 1.55 m³
Weight 271 kg 302 kg 566 kg 577 mm


The very strongest buckets in the series. They are based on the H bucket. On the 210, 240 and 260, the metal is 20 % thicker. In addition, the HD buckets have a stronger, hardex-type cutting edge, a wider, longer floor reinforcement, an extra angle reinforcement on the inside of the bucket along the implement hooks, as well as an angled wearing rail on the rear of the bucket.

Volume (heaped) 0.72 m³ 0.82 m³ 0.95 m³ 1.03 m³
Width 185 cm 210 cm 240 cm 260 cm
Depth 81 cm 81 cm 86 cm 86 cm
Height 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm
Cutting edge WxT 150 /20 mm 150 /20 mm 200 /20 mm 200 /20 mm
Weight 227 kg 314 kg 340 kg 365 kg


Soil bucket with teeth. Same design as series H.

Volume (heaped) 0.72 m³ 0.82 m³ 0.95 m³ 1.03 m³
Width 185 cm 210 cm 240 cm 260 cm
Depth 81 cm 81 cm 86 cm 86 cm
Height 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm
Cutting edge WxT 150 /20 mm 150 /20 mm 200 /20 mm 200 /20 mm
Weight 227 kg 314 kg 340 kg 365 kg


If the bucket is only to be used for lighter duties, the L bucket is an excellent choice. The bucket is designed for customers who value functionality ahead of technical benefits. The price is therefore extremely competitive.

In the emptying position, the front loader’s effective emptying stop ensures controlled and complete emptying of the implement. Note also how the “boomerang-shaped” link on the front loader contributes to a maximum emptying angle.

Series L 130L 180L
Volume (heaped) 0.51 m³ 0.71 m³
Width 130 cm 180 cm
Depth 80 cm 80 cm
Height 75 cm 75 cm
Cutting edge WxT 100 /12 mm 100 /12 mm
Weight 123 kg 163 kg


A powerful grading bucket. Thanks to the low back plate and the long, strong base, the driver has perfect visibility to the tip of the bucket. The bucket is supplied with a 20 mm, powerful cutting edge. On the rear, below the 20 mm thick subframe plates, is a welded 10 mm thick angle iron, which reinforces the bucket for grading jobs.

Grading Bucket 180 200 220 240
Volume (heaped) 0.62 m³ 0.70 m³ 0.78 m³ 0.86 m³
Width 185 cm 205 cm 225 cm 245 cm
Depth 118 cm 118 cm 118 cm 118 cm
Height 53 cm 53 cm 53 cm 53 cm
Cutting edge WxT 150 /20 mm 150 /20 mm 150 /20 mm 150 /20 mm
Weight 286 kg 312 kg 337 kg 407 kg


The new High Tip Bucket is designed to increase functionality by introducing a larger range that is designed to encompass your specific requirements.

The bucket increases lift heights and a high tipping angles to empty the bucket quickly, small cycle times show increase efficiency and improve productivity. High tip buckets are used for handling high volume materials high up, for example loading grains, grass seed, beets or wood chips.

High Tip Bucket 200XH 220XH 240XH
Width, cm 201 221 241
Depth (cm) 150 150 150
Height, cm 107 107 107
Volume (heaped), m3 1.60 1.80 2.00
Cutting edge WxT, mm 180 x16 180 x16 180 x16
Weight, kg 553 587 622

Your Choice Implements Hooks

Quicke does not only give you the largest range of implements. Our implements also have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders.



Implement hooks suitable for Quicke series Q, Trima with W-frame and other loader brands with Euro implement carriers.



Suitable for Quicke Combi mount, Trima/Bergsjö with SMS- mount, Kellve/Vreten/Howard and any loader with SMS implement carrier.


C: ÅLö TypE 3

Suitable for wholly hydraulic loaders previous to Quicke Series Q. Some implements will also fit loaders with the large and the small implement carrier from BM.

ikon-selectofix SELECTO FIX*

Save time and avoid problems.
Selecto fix is a great option if you are regularly coupling and uncoupling hydraulic implements. With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics are coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurized. Your work is resumed within seconds. This system also greatly reduces the risk of dirt entering the hydraulic system.


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