Cirrus High Speed Seed Drill
Pneumatic seed drills

  • With RoTeC+ roll disc coulters for really precise sowing at a consistent depth.
  • working widths from 3 to 6 metres
  • Follows the natural countours of your field perfectly - and leaves a nice smooth finish
  • Tried & proven on farms in Ireland and all over europe for more than 10 years.
  • Cirrus available in both grain-only and combined grain/fertilizer models.


  • With RoTeC+ coulters – tried & proven on thousands of farms all over Europe.
  • working widths from 3 to 6 metres
  • Relatively modest hp requirement, easy to pull and fast work rate – the outstanding features of the Amazone Cirrus.
  • There are three models in the Cirrus range to choose from:
  • At the heart of the Cirrus Special is the RoTeC or RoTeC+ coulter. With a disc diameter of either 320 or 400 mm, and a steplessly variable coulter pressure of from 35 kg to 50 kg that can be set from the tractor seat.The Cirrus Special is offered in working widths of 3, 4 and 6 metres
  • The Cirrus Super seed drill is designed for higher acreage outputs with no or little need for primary cultivation. The feature of the Cirrus Super is the PacTeC coulter where four 400 mm Boron steel discs are guided on each one of the large 800 mm press rollers.The Cirrus Super is available in working widths of either 4 or 6 metres with both models folding to 3m for road transport.
  • Last, but not least in the Cirrus range, the Cirrus Activ sowing combination is also on offer. Here, instead of the 2-stagger disc cultivator unit found in the Cirrus Super and Special, on the Cirrus Activ a KG rotary cultivator is used for seedbed preparation.The Cirrus Activ is available in 6 m working width and needs at least 250hp for optimum output. Operational speeds are within the mid range of 12 to 15 km/h.
  • With its short wheelbase length and tracking drawbar system the Cirrus range offers a easy to use, highly maneuverable unit for tight turns and compact headlands and thus, maximum flexibility for increased work rates and at the same time, the best in germination

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