Comprima Round Balers

  • camless 5 bar pickup - 30% faster intake, less maintenance cost.
  • MultiCut chopping system with a choice of settings: 17-15-7-0 knives
  • Hydraulic knife retraction
  • “Non-stop” fully automatic foreign body safety protection


  • Trouble-free operation and absolutely easy use and service are the key features of the latest KRONE range of round balers.
  • Baling 1.25 m (4′ 1”) and 1.55 m (5′ 1”) diameter bales, our new Round Pack models feature a modular construction concept and the optional MultiCut rotor cutters for all models as well as tandem axles. On top of this, the models offer superior ease of operation along with many more features.
  • Naturally, they hold on to the well-proven KRONE slat-and-chain elevators with 2 endless chains – a design that has proven exceptionally well over so many years and offers such undisputable assets as uniform, dense and well-shaped bales.
  • During bale formation the bale just never stops, even when baling short-haulmed and dry crops.
The broad pick-up is fitted with lateral feed augers:
The large working width of 1.95 m (6’5″), in keeping with German standard DIN 11220, offers advantages in corners and curves. This pick-up operates absolutely clean.
Typical for KRONE:
The completely closed bale chamber with the continuously rotating chain & slat elevator of the Round Pack. Layer by layer, the elevator uses the crop taken up by the pick-up to form firm stable bales in the bale chamber. A big forte of the chain & slat elevator is its excellent feed properties.
The crop in the chamber starts turning earlier, the bale forms faster and most importantly, the bale core is firmer. These high density bales thus have more weight – arguments that count, not only in the production of high-quality silage, but also later in transport.
Safe bale start: Not only is the Round Pack equipped with a starter roller fitted with additional strips for grip, but also with an upper spiral roller with scraper bar. This ensures fast bale starting and an optimized pressing process.
Under pressure: The tensioning system of the chain & slat elevator operates completely automatically. A large tensioning range is available for the springs ensuring the ideal chain tension at all times increasing the service life and rendering additional safety.

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