D9 & PACKTOP (MOUNTED) SEED DRILL Conventional (gravity feed) seed drills

  • A favourite with Irish cereal growers for over 30 years
  • Working widths 2.50 to 12.00 m
  • Extremely well built - designed to last a lifetime.
  • Available with conventional suffolk and also RoTec disc coulters.


  • The D9 mounted gravity seed drill is available in the version D9 Special in working widths of 2.50 and 3.00 metres. This is designed to be used on its own after the seedbed has been prepared.
  • The most popular model is the AD 3000 Packtop drill that mounts directly onto the power harrow
  • The Packtop drill is available in 3m & 4m widths, with either suffolk or RoTec disc coulters
  • Amazone are renowned for their extremely accurate metering system – using the Vario gearbox you get very precise, stepless adjustment of the seeding rate.
  • Amazone Packtop drills are STRONG – the folding hopper cover is watertight sealed and has a gas strut to ease lifting. Access steps are sturdy and safe. The hopper can take 1000l(AD3000) up to 1380l (AD4000)
  • All Amazone drills come as standard with the EC (extra coverage) swallowtail following harrow – for perfect covering and a neat finish.
  • Bout markers, tramliner and in-cab control terminal are standard.

The Packtop Drill is mounted directly onto the packer roller of the power harrow. This means that it is very compact and easier to lift and a favourable centre of gravity. And that means less wheel damage, particularly on headlands.

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