Perfect for mowing and topping, this very popular farmers’ machine comes in 2.4m(8ft) and 2.8m(9ft) sizes. Like all Krone mowers, the AMR is fitted with SafeCut, which protects the discs and cutterbar from stone damage.

Mower combinations EasyCut 8700 & B1000, with and without conditioner, with and without SSA(Single swath attachment)

Designed for the professional farmer & contractor, extra heavy duty centre-pivot mowers in 2.8m,3.2m and 3.6m sizes, with and without conditioner

Specially designed for Irish conditions, the EC trailed mowers come with conditioner in 2.8m (9ft) and 3.2m(1oft) sizes; option of SSA(single swath attachment) on the EC3201

Contractor grade 2.8m & 3.2m front mowers, with or without condioner

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