Forage and Discharge Wagon AX

  • Camless EasyFlow pick-up
  • Automatic loading system
  • Massive cut-and-feed rotor with wide Hardox plated tines


  • The KRONE AX range is the new benchmark setting generation of self-loading and self-unloading forage wagons.
  • Buying an AX  model is buying into experience and expertise. After all, KRONE knows the business of farming. Innovations such as the cam trackless EasyFlow pick-up system, the massive cut-and- feed rotor, the knife bank that swings out to the side, the central knife operation system as well as the chain-and-slat floor that slopes at the front combine to implement higher throughputs, lower power inputs, more operator comfort and less wear and maintenance.
krone-forage-wagon-AX (1)

The 760mm(30″) diameter, 1558mm(5ft) wide cutting rotor is helical to provide very powerful cutting and smooth even feed.  The tines feature  extra wide feed plates that provide gentle crop handling and remarkably small (from 80)hp requirement.

Cost effective and powerful:
EasyFlow is our camless pick-up that gives you obvious benefits. Using fewer moving parts than a controlled cam track, this system is simpler by design and provides exceptionally quiet running, which results in reduced wear and maintenance as well as reduced service costs. Operating at a 30 % higher speed, EasyFlow is now even more effective and powerful.
Roller crop guard:
This crop guard eliminates the risk of pushing up crop in uneven swaths. The machine operates permanently at maximum pick-up and output levels and yet maintains a smooth and consistent crop flow.
Low-maintenance driveline:
The chain is tensioned automatically and overload protected by a shear bolt.
Auto lubrication:
The pick-up and the rotor drive chain are lubricated automatically for reduced maintenance and added longevity.
Closely spaced tines:
Boasting five rows of tines spaced 55 mm (2.2″) apart, EasyFlow picks up even the short stems.

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