Tanco Mowers

Building on years of technical know-how in the development of forage equipment Tanco have created two new triple mower systems with cutting and conditioning widths of 29 ft (8.9m) and 32 ft (9.9m).

The Tanco AUTOCUT front and rear triple mowers have been built from the the ground up. Reimagining input ratios to deliver greater productivity, through improved weight distribution, horse-power and cutting widths.


Cutting Widths

The AUTOCUT range has two overall cutting and conditioning widths the M10 has a 32ft cutting width, while the M9 has 29ft. Opening the discharge fins will give complete coverage behind the mowers, while closing the fins will allow the row to be picked up directly into a baler or forager.


TANCO Active Steering

The AUTOCUT's 'Active Steering' feature allows for a fast and slow steering response depending on the requirement. A steering angle of up to 40° allows the mower beds to move directly to the next row. While during road use, when the mower beds are folded, the slower response ensures the rear mowers follow the line of the tractor, allowing the driver to focus on the road ahead.


Improved Visibility & Safety

As the mower beds fold onto the rear chassis the transport height is just 2 meters, significantly less compared with a butterfly unit with similar cutting widths, which can be in the region of 3m to 4m when folded up. This has the advantage of offering increased visibility to the rear and offering a lower centre of gravity reducing sway and allowing for optimised transport speeds.



Heavy Duty Cutter Bars

The 56 Series Heavy Duty COMER cutter bars have been developed for the the harshest conditions. The bed is formed from a single piece of stamped metal. 25mm gears, with shear hub technology is used throughout. Optional Quick Attach blades make the replacement of blades a quick and seamless job.


VP PTO Shafts

A direct drive transmission system using heavy duty COMER VP drive shafts, gives straight drivelines resulting in little to no power loss to the cutter bed. The COMER VP drive shafts features a specific coating which improves movement during use and feature an external grease point with seals allowing lubrication without separating the shafts.



The conditioner tine has been developed after significant testing. The steel tine has a slight hook to catch the grass and throw it. A steel tine was chosen over plastic as they performed significantly better in heavy crops. There is only a bolt and conditioner tine, connected to a hardox hanger, making it easier and cheaper to replace.

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