Q Series

  • Q Series | Autowrap
  • Auto | Automatic with Auto-Load optional
  • Up to 80 | Bales per hour
  • Variable | Speed Control


The 3 point linkage wrapper was first developed by Tanco and the S series continues to lead the class with new innovative features to this day. Unique and patented options of a single, twin or triple wrap arms give customers flexibility in terms of output.

Drive rollers enter under the bale, closing to the raise the bale into the wrapping position. The wrap arms unfold at the beginning of the wrapping cycle. Once the bale is wrapped the arms fold into a single telescopic Cut & Start, making the system extremely versatile and compact.


Compact & Lightweight

Weighing from just 720Kg (1,587 lbs) the S Series is ideally suited for all terrain, including mountainous conditions, as satellite wrap arms rotate around the bale, meaning bale movement is reduced to a minimum during wrapping.


Wrap & Stack

The S Series can wrap and stack bales in a single operation, reducing labour, tractor hours. Wrapping and Stacking also reduces the number of times wrapped bales are handled, reducing the risk of damage to the bale.



Bales can be placed on their flat end with the optional End-Tip kit, where plastic concentration is greatest, reducing the risk of damage to the bale and also ensuring bales do not roll once off-loaded.



Affordable Quality

The S100 A is the entry model to the renowned S series and delivers many of the great features of the series at an affordable price.

With a single satellite wrap arm, the S100 A is fully automatic with all controls managed through the RDS Expert controller.



V is for Variable speed

A patented system, the twin wrap-arms unfold during the wrapping cycle leaving two opposing dispensers to apply the wrap. Opposing dispensers allows time for the film layer to adhere to the layer below and avoids air being trapped and ingressing into the bale wasting nutrients.

The Variwrap system also allows for greater top speed, delivering the highest levels of performance and reliability.



Maximum Performance

For maximum output three dispensers unfold to apply the film. With three layers being applied simultaneously, bale output is unsurpassed.

Furthermore, as there are three rolls of film loaded in the wrapper at any time, film rolls will have to be replaced 63% less often than that of a single dispenser unit.

Wrap Arm Unfold and Fold

Tanco’s patented system for unfolding and folding multiple wrap arms into a single cut and hold system has made it possible for 3 point linkage wrappers, which are lighter and more compact than their trailed counterparts, to reach the highest levels of performance and bale count.


Telescopic Cut & Start

A patented system, the telescopic Cut & Start extends to three times its resting state extending and then retracting to gather the film into a single strand. Once gathered and held, only then is the film cut, resulting in an ultra-reliable system you can have confidence in.

Variable Speed Hydraulics

Proportional hydraulics means hydraulic functions, such as wrap arm speed, can be variably adjusted to ramp up and down, ensuring a smoother and more consistent wrapping operation, resulting in less vibration and longer machine life.


Standard Features

  • Unique Split Wrapping Table
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Auto-Load
  • Film Break Sensors
  • Telescopic Cut & Start
  • Push button Auto-Park and Unpark
  • RDS Expert Controller
  • Tanco Dual Stretch Aluminium Dispenser with 55% & 70% stretch options built in

Optional Extras

  • End-Tip Kit, places bales on their end where plastic coverage is greatest and avoids bales rolling
  • Load Sensing Kit
  • Radio Remote Control


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