Verti-Mix Single, Double and Triple Auger

You want your business to grow - the Verti-Mix adapts to your growing needs.

Why use a Verti-Mix........

1, Excellent mixing quality - because only cows getting optimum nutrition are healthier and deliver higher milk yields.

2, Low power requirement - reducing your diesel consumption.

3, Flexibility - the Verti-Mix can adapt to your farm requirements.

4, Reliability - cows need feeding 365 days a year!

5, Vario2 auger - speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time.

The patented container design at the top container edge provides the Strautmann mixing container with additional rigidity. It serves as a basis for variable container attachments helping you to adapt the capacity of the mixing container to your operational requirements. Be among those who benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in mixing technology and become one of Strautmann's 20,000 customers!

All Strautmann range of mixer wagons will allow farmers to save time and cut costs. A uniquely designed ‘stepped’ auger – the Vario2 – speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time.



Robust bearings and gearbox

The heart of the Vario mixing auger is the very heavy duty and durable gearbox. Stability and long maintenance intervals are achieved by means of a large-sized pair of tapered roller bearings, double sealing and a large grease chamber.


New Vario2 mixing auger

Variability and strength for any purpose. Due to the patented knife adjustment system and the updated Vario2 auger design, the Vario mixing auger can be perfectly adapted to your specific conditions of use. The robust and low-maintenance angular gearbox ensures long service life even under challenging conditions.

All Strautmann mixer wagons – single and double augered - will now come fitted with a Vario2 auger as standard. Its stepped design enables a good mix to be achieved more quickly. This reduces mixing time of each load by a minute or so per load, but due to the number of mixes made each day, the labour and fuel savings will significantly add up over time.

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