• Accurate spreading up to 36m(urea up to 28m) very good on boundaries and irregular fields.
  • Strong construction, all fertiliser-engaging parts are made from stainless steel.
  • Gentle handling of the fertiliser (SBS system), doesn't smash it to dust.
  • Models from 1000l up to 3000l, PTO or hydraulic drive,with or without GPS control


  • Double tipped hopper with optimum hopper shape for continuous flow monitoring and more precision
  • Fine-mesh filling sieves prevent problems when spreading and are easy to fold and lock in position for cleaning the machine
  • Complete spreading system made from stainless steel
  • Convenience and reliability due to simple and easily accessible adjustment of spread rate and working width
  • Double shutter system for an optimum rate setting and a quicker action for both opening and closing
  • Safety set with lighting system, warning signs and safety bracket as standard


3 basic sizes:

ZA-M1001 (base machine 1000l with up to one 500l extension)

ZA-M 1201 – can be made into a 2700l capacity machine (2 tons of virtually any material)

ZA-M 1501 – up to 3000l capacity, also available with hydraulic drive, weigh cells and GPS guidance.

In Ireland the most popular models are:

STOCKMAN 2 (ZA-M1001 + 1 extension, holds 2x600kg bags) comes with folding cover, safety rail with integrated road lights and OM10-16 discs (spreads up to 16m/50ft)

STOCKMAN 3 (ZA-M1201 + 2 extensions; holds 2 tons of material).  Same equipment as STOCKMAN 2

STOCKMAN 3 (ZA-M1201 + 2 extensions; holds 2 tons of material).  Same equipments as STOCKMAN 2

ZA-M 1501 Tillage Spec (ZA-M 1501 + up to 3x500l extensions) comes with M18-24m discs (spreads up to 24m/80ft), calibration bucket, folding hopper cover, hydraulic Limiter – for safe and accurate boundary spreading without having to re-set machine,safety rail, road lights

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