Forage and Discharge wagon MX

  • New and revolutionary 400hp driveline
  • Steel floor with sloping front end
  • Swing-out knife bank with 48 selectable knives
  • Optional SpeedSharp knife sharpener
  • Hydraulic auto-level axles


  • New and revolutionary 400hp driveline
  • Hydraulic and camless pick-up, W-arrangement of tines
  • Steel floor with sloping front end
  • Pivoting headboard increases capacity, compression and unloading efficiency
  • Swing-out knife bank with 48 selectable knives
  • Optional SpeedSharp knife sharpener
  • Massive cut-and-feed rotor with wide Hardox tine plates
  • Three standard discharge rollers on ZX GD models. Overload protection comes from a clutch in the main driveline
  • Hydraulic auto-level axles
  • VariLoad auto filling system with automatic chain-and-slat floor control
  • The KRONE ZX range is the new benchmark setting generation of self-loading and self-unloading forage wagons.
  • Buying an ZX model is buying into experience and expertise. After all, KRONE knows the business of farming. Innovations such as the cam trackless EasyFlow pick-up system, the massive cutand- feed rotor, the knife bank that swings out to the side, the central knife operation system as well as the chain-and-slat floor that slopes at the front combine to implement higher throughputs, lower power inputs, more operator comfort and less wear and maintenance.
Nothing is lost
Lacking cross hoops and ropes as well as sliding tarp, the ZX models offer excellent loading from a forage harvester, allowing the stream of crop flowing from the chute into every corner of the loading space.
Picking up fast and cleanly
The camless EasyFlow pick-up features a massive rotor cutter, which produces nominal chop lengths of 37 mm (1.5″), making ZX a full-fledged and high-capacity self loading forage wagon with a cutting system – just the kind of high-output system contractors ask for.
Unloading without discharge rollers:
The dual-purpose ZX 400 GL, ZX 450 GL, ZX 550 GL models are high-capacity machines with rigid steel sides, which ensure your valuable crop is clamped without loss. The two powerful chain-and-slat floors are driven by separate motors and move the material to the rear and through the huge opening, minimizing the amount of time spent on the clamp and maximizing your efficiency.
Unloading via discharge rollers
Their rigid steel structure and up to three discharge rollers make the ZX 400 GD, ZX 450 GD, ZX 550 GD models very versatile machines, which unload the material in uniform mats to reduce the workload on the clamp and provide the best conditions for high-quality silage.
Low-maintenance driveline:
The chain is tensioned automatically and overload protected by a shear bolt.
Low-maintenance driveline:
The chain is tensioned automatically and overload protected by a star ratchet clutch.
Auto lubrication:
The pick-up and the rotor drive chain are lubricated automatically for reduced maintenance and added longevity.
Versatile forage wagons,:
ZX is KRONE’s range of versatile forage wagons, which serve two purposes to boost your profitability. Versatile, Efficient, Economical and Convenient.
Closely spaced tines:
Boasting five rows of tines spaced 55 mm (2.2″) apart, EasyFlow picks up even the short stems.
EasyFlow – more efficient and more effective:
Picking up the crop at a width of 1,700 mm (DIN 11220) and operating at a higher speed, the camless EasyFlow pick-up comes into its own in demanding conditions, including wide swaths, heavy drop and high workrates. Here, EasyFlow is simply the best.
Cost effective and powerful:
EasyFlow is our camless pick-up that gives you obvious benefits. Using fewer moving parts than a controlled cam track, this system is simpler by design and provides exceptionally quiet running, which results in reduced wear and maintenance as well as reduced service costs. Operating at a 30 % higher speed, EasyFlow is now even more effective and powerful.
roller-crop-guard (1)
Roller crop guard:
This crop guard eliminates the risk of pushing up crop in uneven swaths. The machine operates permanently at maximum pick-up and output levels and yet maintains a smooth and consistent crop flow.


ZX 400 GL Solid Steel 38 m3 (1,341 ft³) 46
ZX 400 GD Solid Steel 38 m3 (1,341 ft³) 46
ZX 450 GL Solid Steel 43 m3 (1,518 ft³) 46
ZX 450 GD Solid Steel 43 m3 (1,518 ft³) 46
ZX 550 GL Solid Steel 53 m3 (1,871 ft³) 46
ZX 550 GD Solid Steel 53 m3 (1,870 ft³) 46

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